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 Terms and Conditions

 • FEM TAXI BARCELONA SL under that operates as Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com (mentioned in the agreement as "we", "us", "our" or "Company") acts as an agent to third party transportation providers ("the Supplier"). The contract for the provision of the transport service is established between you and the Provider.

• Read these terms and conditions carefully before making any reservation, as they contain important information about your rights and obligations and you will be bound by them. These booking conditions, together with the information established on our website and your voucher, constitute the entire agreement between us and you and cover all reservations made through the Company, including reservations made on the website.


• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com is an online travel platform that helps people get from point A to point B.

• The terms and conditions of use of the website ("Terms") govern the use of this website ("the Site"), read carefully. By using, viewing, transmitting, caching, storing or using the Site, the services or features offered on or by the Site and / or the contents of the Site in any way, you have accepted each and every one of the terms and conditions is established below. If you do not accept these Terms, you must stop using this Website immediately.


Information about us

• This site is operated by Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com Its purpose is to provide you with an online booking and booking website for ground transportation, including transfer services from the airport and the hotel. Please note that, as described below, Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com acts as an agent on behalf of external providers that offer a product or service.

• Any reservation made on this Site will be directly with the external provider whose products or services you are booking.

• If you have any questions, please contact  info@taxi2airportbarcelona.com

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com acts as an intermediary agent for third-party transportation service providers.

• The contract (final agreement) for the provision of the transportation service is established between you (the Client) and the third party service provider, hereinafter referred to as your DRIVER.

• By booking a service on our website, you are entering into a contract with the Driver.

• Reservations at Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com are subject to the availability of the appropriate transfer companies and vehicles.



Travel details

• For transfers from the airport, the driver will take the initial scheduled arrival time of his flight (presented during the reservation by the client) as a reference for the client's collection time. The average local time to collect the checked baggage and go through customs will be added to the initial planned arrival time, that is, the arrival time of the plane is not equal to the time in which the driver will pick up the client.

• Compare the details of your reservation with the confirmation receipt from your DRIVER. Any changes (all changes, including delays in flights) or discrepancies must be reported directly to your driver.

• Any adjustments to your flight will be taken into consideration, but may result in possible waiting times.



• The responsibility for the provision of transportation services between you and the Driver is limited only to the two parties between whom the service was contracted.

• The responsibilities of Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com resulting from this agreement, therefore, will be limited to those of an external intermediary between you and the Driver.

• Any liability arising from the provision of the transfer service will be the sole responsibility of the Driver and his insurance companies.

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com and / or the driver is not responsible for damages arising from delays, including delays caused by waiting time at the airport, including damages caused by the loss of possible transfers and connections, including flights from connection, if and to the extent that Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com and / or driver demonstrates that she or her employees took reasonable measures to avoid the damages, or if and to the extent that it was not possible for Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com and / or driver and Your employees take steps to take such measures.

• By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you accept that Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com will not be responsible for any loss, expense or claim made by you in the event of any problem related to the transfer, and all claims will be redirected to the Driver.

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com, however, will make all reasonable efforts to help the user resolve any problem or complaint.

• You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and have the legal right and ability to sign these Terms and use this Site in accordance with the terms and conditions of reservation included in this document. of ownership. 

• The information contained on the Site about any product and service (including, among others) may only be applicable in certain areas. You acknowledge and agree that all materials contained on the Site and provided to you during your use of the Site ("Content") are the property of the Company. You can retrieve and display Site Content solely for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree not to copy, modify, distribute, sell or create derivative works based on the Content. 


Company Services 

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com provides information on the price and availability of the products, along with a variety of other information on behalf of external suppliers of those products to help make a transfer reservation. The prices, restrictions and availability of the products and services of these third-party providers may change without prior notice and reservations are subject to applicable taxes and fees. Any reservation made on this Site will be directly with the external provider and will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to that external provider. 




Disclaimer of content 

• The content is intended for informational and booking purposes only. Although Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com together with third parties that provide information that is available on the Site will make all reasonable efforts to verify that the information presented in the Company is accurate and current. Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com offers no express or implied warranties on the information, services or any other element of the Site. The provision of incomplete or inaccurate information by users of the Site may cause the delay or cancellation of reservations by the provider. We will not be responsible for errors of transmission or delays / cancellation of reservations or any other act or omission of outstanding external suppliers.


Contract to buy products and services 

• Please note that Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com acts as an agent on behalf of the third party suppliers for whom it offers a product or service. Any reservation made on this Site will be directly with the external provider whose products or services you are reserving. If you use the online booking service of Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com on the Site, the particular booking conditions with respect to availability, prices and cancellation can be applied to each quoted rate and you should read carefully details of the rate that are provided before proceeding to "confirm, finalize, reserve, select or reserve". Any special needs must be notified to the external provider in advance. Some external providers may have additional terms and conditions that you must read carefully. The sole responsibility of Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com to provide you with the online booking service is to pass the details of your reservation entered on the Site to the Third Party responsible for providing your Transfer.

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur as a result of incorrect processing of the details of your reservation by the third party provider or the service provided by the external provider. 


User behavior 

• The reservation system on the Site is provided only to allow users of the Site to determine the availability of products and services and to make legitimate reservations or to transact with external suppliers, and for no other purpose. You agree to comply with the conditions of reservation of purchase of any third party or service provider, to receive a notification before making such purchase. The name, address and other information (including payment information, if applicable) that you provide through this Site, along with information on how to use this Site will be used by Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com in accordance with the Privacy Policy of this site. You agree not to use the Site to: a) upload, post or email any content to the Site; b) transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other code, file or computer program; or c) interfere or interrupt the Site or servers or networks connected to the Site. 



• As a condition of use of this Site, you agree to indemnify Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com, its officers, agents, suppliers and other partners from and against each and every one of the liabilities, expenses (including reasonable legal fees) and consequential damages of the claims 

Users of any material that they post or transmit through the Site, including claims for infringement of intellectual property rights or defamation.


Limitation of the liability and liability exemption 

• The company does not guarantee the accuracy, availability, punctuality, integrity, performance or suitability for a particular purpose of the site or part of it. All implied warranties are excluded from these terms to the extent that they can be excluded by law. In addition, the company does not guarantee that the site is free of virus infection. To the extent permitted by law, the company will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or exemplary damages (including, among others, damages for loss of data, goodwill or profits) arising from contract, tort or others. your use or inability to use the site or any content on the site. These limitations are fundamental terms of this agreement and the site will not be provided without such limitations. The Site may contain links to other Internet sites, either directly or through frames and, where possible, we will make it clear where those links are being made. These sites are provided by independent third parties and Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com is not responsible for their availability or content. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the liability of the broker shall be limited only to the cases of death or personal injury caused directly by the negligence of the driver. 


Offers and promotions

 Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com can make the information available on the Site with respect to the services, offers or specific promotions that Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com and certain transfers or suppliers are carrying out ("Offers"). Any Offer of this type is subject to the specific terms, conditions and restrictions listed on the Site in connection with such Offer. Each offer is void where prohibited by law. Consult and read carefully the terms of use, booking conditions and restrictions included in the Site in relation to each particular Offer. 


Law and jurisdiction 

• These terms will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. It is agreed that the Courts in the Spanish State will have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute, which may arise from, below or in connection with this agreement. Changes to these Terms Due to its policy of updating and improving the Site, Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com may change these Terms (including those related to your use of the Content). When the terms are modified, Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com will notify you by indicating on the home page of the Site when they were last modified. If you use the Site after Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com has published it and notified you of the changes, you agree to be subject to such changes. If you do not agree to be bound by those changes, you must not use the Site. 


Availability of services 

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com has the right, on behalf of the Driver, to reject any order made by you. 

• We do not guarantee to successfully assign a driver to each reservation request. 

• All the information provided on the websites is in good faith and it is considered correct at the time of printing 

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com will not be responsible for any other inaccuracy due to outdated information that the Driver has not indicated.


Transportation service 

• The route to or from the destination can not be guaranteed and the Google map shown on our website is for informational purposes only. Although reasonable efforts are made to ensure that collection times are respected, they are not guaranteed. Unused transfers are not refundable and alternative transportation costs will not be reimbursed unless previously authorized by a member of our team's customer service team. If you are authorized to take alternative transportation, be sure to obtain a receipt and send it to our Customer Service Center for review. No payment will be due for claims for travel expenses sent without valid receipts. 

• For arrival transfers (AIRPORT), our drivers will wait for you upon arrival up to a maximum of 60 minutes after your scheduled landing time. In pickups at port terminals or cruise ports the wait will be 30 min. In collections in cities, private homes, hotels, apartments, hostels or private villas our drivers will wait at the pick-up point a maximum of 15 minutes after the published pick-up time. If you ask the driver to wait longer, keep in mind that the driver can directly charge a waiting fee. 

• You are responsible for verifying the agreed pick-up time and security ensure that the resulting arrival time at the airport departure terminal is at least 10 minutes before the check-in desk opens (it is not closed) and in no case less than two hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. 

• The driver will pick it up and set it as close as possible to the directions given. In the event that access through a conventional route is closed due to weather conditions, traffic accidents, etc., the driver, upon express request, will use a longer route to reach the agreed destination, but in such cases you can be responsible for any additional costs.

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com reserves the right (and delegates to its drivers the right) to refuse to transport any person who is considered under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior is considered a threat for the driver, the vehicle or the driver or other passenger (s) .

• Passengers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to our vehicles for the purpose of consuming or drinking such beverages in our vehicles 

• Vehicles are insured for passenger and third party claims. However, although all precautions are always taken, the assets of the clients are assumed at their own risk and no liability for loss or damage is accepted. Therefore, customers are advised to check their own travel insurance. 

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com will endeavor to transport the passenger with the minimum discomfort and inconvenience to their destination indicated in the confirmation document. However, circumstances beyond our control may prevent the achievement of this responsibility.

• The following are examples of circumstances that are not under our control: 



• Accidents that cause delays in the vehicle. 

• Restricted vehicular access. 

• Exceptional or severe weather conditions. 

• Compliance of police requests. 

• Deaths and accidents on the road. 

• Vandalism and terrorism. 

• Unforeseen traffic delays. 

• Industrial action or third-party strike.

• Problems caused by other customers. 

• Vehicle stopped or delayed by a police officer or a police officer government. 

• Other circumstances that affect the safety of passengers. 

• If, for any reason, within its control fails, to deliver its passengers to their confirmed destination, Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com will provide the appropriate transportation. 

• Any refund made by Taxi2AirportBarcelona. com for the costs of a means of transport to ternative incurred by the passenger to reach their destination with a ticket will not be more than the cost of reaching that destination by taxi.



• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com offers two payment options:



A. The customer pays a deposit during the online booking process, the rest will be paid to the driver.

B. Full payment during the online reservation process.


Some destinations may require full payment in advance 

• Payment is required as defined by the reservation specifications. Then, the Company will submit a written confirmation of the reservation details by email 

• When two or more persons are included in the same booking reservation, the person who buys the reservation will be considered to do so on the basis that he / she acts as agent for both or all members and accepts these booking conditions on behalf of each member 

• The confirmation email is your travel voucher. Print this email, as it must be presented to the Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com representative or to the Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com driver for the round trip 

•  The destination and pickup addresses in your voucher are the address to which they will be delivered and will pick up passengers, make sure they are correct. Any change by mistake may incur extra charges.

• The service contracted is from Point A to Point B, any modification that may alter the itinerary contracted in time or form at the time of transfer and not that has not been communicated to the company or the provider (pick up of keys, check in/check out in apartment other than the points contracted, multiple purchases, currency exchange or extra stops), may involve extra charges or denial by the driver for operational reasons.

• The contracted service includes the wait and follow-up of one (1) single flight / train / boat. Any additional follow-up or waiting may involve extra charges or denial by the driver for operational reasons.

• If you wish to change these or other details, you must do so directly with the Company, at least two (2) days,48 hours before the date of travel. Modifications made less than two days prior to the date of travel will be subject to a management fee 

• We will try to accommodate such requests to the Provider, however, we can not guarantee that they will be met and we will not have any liability to you if you do not make. 


Changes and cancellations by you 

• Any change (for example, delays in flights) to the details of the transfer must be requested in writing to our "Company" before the date of the trip and will not take effect until consulting the Driver and confirming it by email If you cancel, up to 48 hours before the pick-up time (as mentioned on the coupon), there will be no charge for cancellation and  Your deposit will be returned (within 30 days maximum). If you cancel, between 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time (as mentioned on the coupon), the cancellation fee is 100% of the initial reservation price. 


Changes and cancellations by Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com 

• We will use all reasonable efforts to comply with your vehicle preference, however, we may have to schedule an alternative vehicle for operational reasons. If we need to change your reservation to a lower category or a smaller vehicle for which a lower rate is available, we will reimburse you for the difference. 

• On rare occasions, we may have to cancel your trip. In such circumstances, you will receive a 100% refund (which will be paid within 30 days), but we will not have any additional liability to you as a result of such cancellation. However, we will make every effort to try to find suitable alternatives for any confirmed reservation that we will cancel later.


Changes and cancellations by the provider 

• In case of a delay (flight)> 1.5 hours or more of the Client, the Driver reserves the right to cancel the reservation or charge for the additional waiting time (> 1,5 hours). In case of cancellation by the Driver, the total amount paid by the Customer will not be reimbursed 

• We will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if the Driver needs to make a significant change in your reservation or cancel it. We will also make every reasonable effort to find a suitable alternative driver for you at no additional cost, but we will not have any further liability to you. 


Refund Policy 

• Any cancellation of the contract must be made in writing by email to our Customer Service Center. 

• If we receive your cancellation request more than 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time of the transfer you wish to cancel, we will will reimburse 100% of the amount paid for this transfer. No money will be refunded for cancellations received less than 48 hours from the scheduled time of the transfer you wish to cancel. 

• Refunds will be paid within 30 days.


Seats for children 

• Each country has different rules and regulations regarding the use of seats for babies and children. 

• Seats for children / babies will be provided if reserved whenever possible, however, there may be instances in which such seats are not can provide If you are not willing to travel in case you do not provide seats for children or babies, you can provide yours. 



• Our prices include a bag or suitcase per passenger seat (based on a combined maximum size of 158 cm, length + width + height) per item. All luggage must be declared when the reservation is made. It is not necessary to declare smaller items that fit in the space for the passenger's feet (for example, a briefcase, purse or small purse). The passenger will be responsible for all expenses incurred in case additional vehicles are required to carry excess undeclared baggage .




• All contacts related to the modification of the details of your reservation must be requested by email or through the "CONTACT" section (which can be accessed through our site).

• It is essential to verify that the address of the e-mail that you provided is correct and that you read all incoming e-mails up to the moment of your transfer. 

• In case of unavoidable alterations of the contract, we will inform you by sending an e-mail to the address you provided at the time of booking, considering yourself the act of sending this email as proof of receipt. The same system applies to all other warning emails we can send you. 

• If for any other reason you do not reach the collection point within a reasonable time after the scheduled pick-up time specified on your Coupon, the driver will try to contact you at the mobile phone number you have provided. 

• If it is not possible to contact you because you have not provided an operational mobile phone number at the time of booking, you do not have a poor connection or there is no signal , the voice mail is activated or the call has not been answered, the service will not be provided, the Driver is released from his obligations and refunds will not be applied. 


Force majeure 

• Taxi2AirportBarcelona.com and its driver can not be held responsible for delays, changes or cancellation of service due to Force Majeure, or to other circumstances that are unpredictable or beyond the control of the driver. 


Languages ​​

• Our customer assistance service and assists  email address in English and Spanish is available during business hours.



• The copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights of the websites are protected by national and international regulations that govern intellectual property .

• The images of the transport options shown during the reservation are only indicative. The color, brand or model may differ from the images shown.



• These Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law.

• Any dispute arising in relation to these Terms and Conditions will be resolved through the competent court in Barcelona. 




These terms were last updated in May 2018